Author: Jorden Johnstone


They may be the rebels but they’re only kids; They are probably wondering what they ever did. To deserve such a future fighting, killing and spying; No proper home just a life of hiding. Given a gun at just the age of eight; A licence to kill and no proper place to keep safe. To learn and to live no education; A gun and flip-flops no proper protection. Make this argument heard all over the world; Tell them not to just ignore all the kids caught up in war. Emily S. (Age 12 - Year 7) Trinity Roman Catholic High School - Burnley, England...

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17 Jun When Fashion Meets Music

When formidable artists come together for a cause, people will stand with them. Emmanuel Jal. Vanessa Mdee, Juliani and Syssi Managa are young, vibrant African Musicians who are using music and fashion to fight for the plight of the continent's elephants....

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