Protect Peace in South Sudan

Protect Peace in South Sudan

South Sudan is in the midst of a civil war. Your voices, pressuring the Government of President Kiir, human rights agencies, your government representatives and the United Nations to immediately act and prevent further violence is needed now. Your voice matter, don’t go deaf or turn a blind eye. Lets do it now.

personal statement from Emmanuel Jal on the current and tragic situation in South Sudan:

jal“I have decided to share my thoughts on the on going civil strife in South Sudan because I want to divert attention toward prevention of violence. As a people, South Sudan has suffered enough. We do not need more pain. We cannot go to war with ourselves. War means more child soldiers, women ,young girls getting raped, starvation, killing and killing of innocent people, I urge those instigating hatred and violence in my home country to immediately stop. I am asking the President Kiir to Release the Political Prisoners and create a positive dialogue with DR Riek Machar so they could help to calm the situation down.

The We Want Peace movement was created to raise awareness, organise and generate a conscious awakening around the prevention of conflict. We all possess skills that we can activate to make the world a better place; its our responsibility to mobilise for the good, and do so.

The recent and erupted conflict in South Sudan is a political one. Continued disputes between my home country’s leadership has resulted in an obvious fight for power. Let us not confuse this fact with tribal tension and encourage a misdirected hatred. After speaking with a number of associates, both in government, civilian, on the ground and in diaspora, my observations are follows: Our president, Salva Kiir has failed in developing South Sudan into a democratic state, where voices of all citizens should be inclusive as we build a new nation, where the government should be transparent and accountable at all times. There clearly is no dialogue with the public, no freedom of expression and no freedom of the press. This has been contested by other members of the South Sudanese government, resulting in dissatisfaction and dispute.

Members of the SPLM (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement) have been silenced and/or relieved of their government duties in their contest against Kiir’s actions.

Abyei’s handover to President Bashir’s Khartoum regime caused an outrage across South Sudan’s political and civil institutions, as well as amongst the nation’s citizens. Peaceful rallies organised to raise and condemn such decisions have been tampered with, halted and stopped.

Today, our government has fallen apart. Many have lost positions, institutions and even lives due to inexplicable and continued acts of greed. Rather than focus on successfully building a free and prosperous nation, dictatorship elements have frozen the process of creating a united and thriving South Sudan.

Anger has now waged into and through the presidential guard, the army and the people. Reasons of politics and power replaced with ignorance and tribalism.

Hundreds upon hundreds of South Sudanese are dead. Once again this conflict has reached the core of my family, my sister witnessed people shot in front of her and her children and other friends and colleagues have been tortured and killed. The only side people need to be on is the side for justice, equality and freedom for all. We need to be united in this and against any criminal action. I urge as many of us as possible to help prevent further violence by speaking out against these atrocities and spreading a message of unity and peace to and with one another.

South Sudan is on the verge of a civil war. Your voices, pressuring the Government, President Kiir, human rights agencies and the United Nations to immediately act and prevent further violence is needed now. You CAN make a difference. The message is simple: WE WANT PEACE.