WWP 2012


dmcandjalWe Want Peace teamed up with Masterpeace to celebrate International Peace Day, September 21st, 2012 in Emmanuel Jal’s home country of South Sudan. Check out http://wewantpeace2012.org/juba-recap/ for a full recap.

In honour of Emmanuel Jal’s We Want Peace efforts, His Excellency Dr. Riek Machar, the Vice President hosted a high profile We Want Peace business gala dinner on the 20th of September at Independence Hall, Juba, to bring together key players from the international and local communities – to help build the future for South Sudan. Although the country has come a long way since independence, there are still obstacles to creating peace and the evening focused on the need for responsible investment for long term development and self sustainability – the event was an ideal platform to connect the government of South Sudan, the private sector, UN agencies, the diplomatic corps, and NGOs.

The anticipated affair saw many of South Sudan’s senior Government ministers, UN representatives, international dignitaries as well as the country’s established and growing businesses come together on a pledge towards “responsible investment” – long term development and self-sustainability in South Sudan. An intimate performance by Emmanuel Jal entertained the VIP audience into a dance of true celebration. Also present at the prestigious gathering of South Sudan’s key progressive players, was Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (of the legendary hip hop trio RUN DMC). McDaniels is the first African American artist in history to visit South Sudan, and did so in support of Emmanuel Jal’s peace mission.

All comments from: The We Want Peace Business Gala, Juba, South Sudan – 20 September, 2012 – to promote corporate social responsibility, self- sustainability and peaceful development on the eve of International Peace Day.

“I wish you all harmony and peace…let it start in you and break out from Juba. Let South Sudan be a beacon in the world for peace. We Want Peace – every kind of it.”

– His Excellency, Vice President of South Sudan Dr. Riek Machar

“I appreciate all those who have supported Emmanuel Jal and his We Want Peace team. This shows me that as a business in South Sudan, you care…you care about our country, and its peaceful development.”

– His Excellency, Vice President of South Sudan Dr. Riek Machar

“South Sudan is Africa’s next destination for investment, and Emmanuel Jal’s effort in ensuring we invest responsibly, is a noble one.”

– His Excellency, Vice President of South Sudan Dr. Riek Machar

“I commend Emmanuel Jal’s efforts in highlighting the obstacles and celebrating the necessity in sustaining peace.”

– South Sudan’s Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Honourable Barnaba Marial Benjamin

“Peace equals justice, equality, and freedom for all. This includes corporate social responsibility, which all businesses in South Sudan have a role in fulfilling… they too play a crucial part in the country’s stability.”

Emmanuel Jal

“To see first hand the vision of the Vice President and Emmanuel to create a peaceful, successful South Sudan is just incredible.”

– Darryl “DMC” McDaniels

On 21 September, International Peace Day, Emmanuel Jal headlined a celebratory concert alongside friend and special guest Darryl “DMC” McDaniels. A historical moment in music, this was first time DMC visited and performed on African soil. He opened his electrifying show with all sorts of global classics, such as “Tricky” and “Walk This Way”. A packed audience of South Sudanese fans relished in the party atmosphere celebrating peace through the fine art of music.Emmanuel Jal closed what has already been labelled as “the best music show Juba’s ever seen” (Voice of America) with a string of global hits, including tracks off his latest LP “See Me Mama”. The encore saw DMC return to the stage as the two hip hop greats duetted live with “WWP RELOADED”, Emmanuel’s newly released international peace anthem featuring other notable friends such as Alicia Keys, George Clooney, Kofi Annan and more.