15 Jan Emmanuel Jal interview on South Sudan – Voice of Russia UK

“At the moment there are a lot of things happening. It was a political situation that has turned tribal. The government wanted to silence its opponents. A lot of different tribes died in Juba but apparently the presidential guard targeted the Nuer people. The good thing now is that it is reducing, both sides have begun to stop the violence.”...

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18 Dec Emmanuel Jal Receives U.N. Peace Award

For Immediate Release. Masterpeace and We Want Peace Receives U.N. Recognition by Ban-Ki Moon for Peace Efforts Emmanuel Jal & DMC Receive Award for Creating Music for Peace ‘We Want Peace was formed to raise awareness and create conscious awakening. I received this award to shed attention to the ongoing conflict and now pressing situation in South Sudan. Over the past few days, violence has erupted once more in my home country with the increasing sense that the democratic system put in place is being threatened by our own government’s action. Elected governors and parliamentary members have been dismissed, creating factions within the army and threats to civilian security. I implore that we must move forward to protect the democracy, human rights and freedom of our people. Our government has to remain transparent and accountable with an open dialogue between its representatives and the public. Once again this conflict has reached the...

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31 Dec Peace One Day

Emmanuel Jal will be performing at The Peace One Day festival, hosted in The Netherlands on 21st September 2013. Tune in for the 24-hour global broadcast. Who will you make peace with?...

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08 Dec Musician Emmanuel Jal on his music, his work as a peace activist, and South Sudan

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies

By Rudina Vojvoda - UNICEF - 

NEW YORK, United States of America, 7 December 2012 – At the age of 7, Emmanuel Jal walked hundreds of miles in search of an education. Born in a war-torn area that is now part of South Sudan, he joined thousands of children who were told schools awaited them in Ethiopia.
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17 Nov South Sudanese Singer And Activist Emmanuel Jal Promotes His “We Want Peace” Campaign At The ABC Continuity Forum in Miami

By Nicole Rojas | | First Posted: Nov 16, 2012 12:42 PM EST - Latinos Post As a former child soldier in Sudan, South Sudanese singer and activist Emmanuel Jal knows what it is like to experience extreme violence in what he calls "hell on Earth." After surviving an endless civil war in his country and being forced to fight as a child soldier, Jal told participants at the ABC Continuity Forum 2012 that he is determined to promote peace worldwide.
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09 Nov Power of Music Part 3: Emmanuel Jal And The Business Of Peace Music

Forbes - Zack O'Malley Greenburg - 11/08/2012 When Emmanuel Jal first tried to get a record deal, he was met with a reaction all too familiar to many socially-conscious musicians. “I had record labels wanting me to change my style, they wanted me to be more ‘hard,’” he says. “I was being told, ‘You’re soft, you’re not like a real soldier.’”
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07 Nov Unlikely Peace Soldiers

Huffington Post - Erin Levin -  Nov. 7th, 2012
 Stephanie Jolluck had just landed back home in Atlanta after a typical trip to Guatemala where she runs a social enterprise, Coleccion Luna. She rushed right to a dinner party to meet one of her heroes -- the war child turned peace soldier, Emmanuel Jal.
"I liked the bracelet she was wearing," Jal remembered. "So I gave it to him," said Jolluck. "And then I bought two more," Jal smiled. 
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