Lela Edgar


02 Feb BLOG #2: Africa Yoga Project

Tonight as I was working on my Africa Yoga Project piece news arrived that one of their most beloved teachers has died in Sierra Leone.. and he was not just any teacher. Tamba Fayia was a force of nature, a former child soldier determined to bring change to his country through yoga. Tamba procured a scholarship with Africa Yoga Project and became Sierra Leone’s first certified yoga teacher before creating his own organization YogaStrength.  His mission was to use yoga as a tool toward spiritual healing.  He spread the message and the healing to the disabled and those living in the slums and psychiatric hospitals alike.  Tamba made sure yoga was available to all. Africa Yoga Project Instructor, Walter Mugwe. And that is precisely Africa Yoga Project’s mission- make yoga accessible to all and to for the practice to be a source of healing. AYP Co-Founder, Director and Instructor, Page Elenson Recently I attended Saturday class at...

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Agnes and the children she cares for.

28 Jan BLOG #1: Agnes’ Peaceful Children’s Home

On my way up to bed Agnes said "feel like you are at your mother's house because you are". That in a nutshell, is Agnes. The setting is the rural town of Kianyaga at the base of Mt. Kenya. I hear chickens squawking, birds singing and someone preparing food out back. In the far distance I hear a motorbike.  It is serene, tranquil and it is filled with love. And it is the opposite of where any of the 14 children who live here came from.  The children, now between ages 7-14 all came to Agnes very young and in the most desperate of circumstances. From parents dying of AIDS, mothers leaving children by the roadside to parents ill equipped to raise children due to mental illness and more, these children came here one by one as young as the tender age of one and half years old. When Agnes retired from another children’s home...

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