Preeti Chopra


Preeti Chopra was born in Bombay, India in June, 1964. She immigrated to Toronto, Canada with her family in March, 1970.  Several months after they arrived, her father began sexually abusing her at the tender age of six. She grew up petrified of her father and obeyed his every command, therefore allowing him access to continue to sexually assault her.  He was physically, mentally and verbally abusive throughout her life.

When Preeti turned twelve, she watched a movie in her sex education class where she discovered how babies were born. She was terrified and asked her teachers if she could get pregnant by her father. This disclosure involved Children’s Aid but ultimately, nothing was done to protect her.  Preeti continued living under abusive conditions in her family home and fell into a deep depression.

Then at the age of eighteen, a refugee, to solidify his immigration status, blackmailed Preeti’s father. She was then drugged, raped and married to the refugee.

Preeti managed to escape her abusive husband and begin a life in social housing with her two small children and pregnant with her third. She put herself into counselling and then went back to school and continued to complete college for Business Management.

Today, Preeti speaks publicly about her abuse and trafficking experiences and is getting ready to sign an agreement with World Vision to be one of their keynote speakers in their No Child is For Sale campaign. She also speaks alongside international recording artist and actor, Emmanuel Jal. Preeti is in the planning stages of publishing her book in hopes to convert to film one day to reach the masses.

Preeti hopes her story raises awareness for abused victims to step out of shame caused through secrecy. Her desire is to cause transformation and be the catalyst for healing through faith. She also speaks about her spiritual journey of recovery.

“I needed to find a love in my heart to forgive these people. Otherwise I’d be walking through life with a ball-and-chain. No matter where I go I can’t really get anywhere because of this stigma, this cloud, this self-expression I had of myself was eating me alive”.

– Preeti Chopra