We Want Peace in Schools

Emmanuel Jal’s inspiring story of overcoming adversity as a child soldier in Southern Sudan and his ability to turn hatred and bitterness into a life of peace as a successful recording artist has a notable impact especially within deprived communities where the route to a peaceful life faces many challenges. With the support of international organizations such as Omnilife, Free The Children, Amnesty International, MasterPeace, Ford Foundation and many others, Emmanuel has taken WWP on the road and spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world.

Emmanuel has visited the troubled region of Juarez, Mexica, toured San Diego, Mexico City, New York, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, Kenya, Zambia and cities across the UK and Canada. Often these tours include visits to community centres, youth detention centres and prisons where Emmanuel has been able to speak first hand to young people who have become disengaged with education and society in general.

Alongside his visits, We Want Peace provides a full education pack which maximizes on the learning opportunities around Emmanuel’s story which enable students and young people to understand more fully the complex uses around child soldiers, forced migration, war and how to engage in a more peaceful life, starting with education.

Emmanuel is touring high schools across Canada and the US to share his experiences and personal message for peace in a quest to boost social and emotional learning amongst young people as they become active, global citizens.

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Emmanuel Jal’s anthem for peace with the support of international musicians, activists and diplomats in this ground breaking music video.


“Emmanuel Jal was able to express his deepest feelings and all the challenges that faced him during his tough childhood through music , he inspired and will inspire generations and gave them motivation to make a change in the world and to promote peace . He is one of the strongest role models any person could look up to, we learn from him that even if one faces challenges he should never give up and always gets up every time he falls down.”

– Shaza Amjad, Qatar

“Emmanuel Jal somehow managed to be inspiring, hilarious, and meaningful at the same time. He was able to keep the entire audience engaged and definitely left his mark. He was amazing!”

– Lina Maragha

“Emmanuel showed us that no matter where you come from or who you are, you can make a difference, and I think that’s had so much influence on my life and way of thinking ever since.”

– Satadru Sanyal

For more of Emmanuel’s music videos please visit:: https://www.youtube.com/user/Emmanueljalmusic

October: DC, Virginia, Boston, Texas US
November: Ontario, Canada
December: NY, US
January: Qatar & Dubai, Middle East

losetowinEmmanuel Jal believes that the pathway to peace is through education.

He encourages students to join his ‘Lose to Win’ challenge and see how they can lose something, in order to win for the greater good and make a positive change for the world at large. The concept of ‘Lose to Win’ is to challenge young people on how they can lose something to better themselves and also to fundraise for young people who have no access to education. Any funds raised through the ‘Lose to Win’ challenge goes directly to 3 charities (including Emmanuel’s own), which provide a rounded education for young people in East Africa: Gua Africa, My Start, and Africa Yoga Project.

Pick up a challenge. It could be giving up meat for 30 days, coffee, snacks, taxi rides, etc.

Calculate the value and pledge it or contribute it. Make a pledge now. Lose To Win. For more information please visit: www.losetowin.net




Gua Africa works with individuals, families and communities to help them overcome the effects of war & poverty. Projects are based in both Sudan and Kenya with a focus on providing education to children & young adults who would otherwise be denied this opportunity.



Is about transforming, empowering and changing lives through the practice of yoga.  We deliver innovative programs that foster peace, improve physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, facilitate self-sufficiency and create opportunities to learn and contribute across the communities of East Africa.



My Start provides creative art workshops for young people in refugee camps; so they can communicate their experiences through Art, Photography and Film. The Art work produced at the camps are then exhibited in schools as a powerful resource for students to learn more about the issues surrounding conflict, migration and displacement, and what it means to be a global citizen.



Emmanuel Jal’s “War Child” book and film are both available at: www.emmanueljal.com/store


Introduce your students to the heart wrenching story of the “Lost Boys of South Sudan” and view Emmanuel longside Reece Witherspoon in the major motion picture “The Good Lie” available at:


For younger audiences, we suggest preparing them with the following story book: “Brothers in Hope”


Available at your local bookstore.

Get Your Class Thinking

Use our scheme of work to get your class thinking about the issues surrounding Emmanuel Jal’s story. Pick and mix our lessons and activities to introduce your class to the ideas surrounding child soldiers, modern day slavery, forced migration and Emmanuel Jal’s ‘lose to win’ challenge.

Get Your Class Doing

Once you have engaged your minds and explored these issues as a class, start planning how you can make a difference. Take on a challenge, lose something to help others and if you are really good, look at our fundraising ideas to help the people who really need it.

Get You Class Improving

Use Lose To Win as a platform from which to get your class thinking about their own individual targets. Whether it be behaviour for learning, assessment grades or mentoring a friend, our class improvement sheet will enable every student the chance to raise their game through participation in our program.

Citizen/World Cultural Studies

Our lessons use interactive activities to focus in on the key strains of citizenship whilst allowing your class to access the issues surrounding the Lose to Win campaign. These interactive lessons delve into issues central to the curriculum such as Democracy and Justice, Rights and Responsibilities and identity and diversity and look to help groups work cohesively together. Our four lessons link together to look at ideas surrounding conflict, child soldiers, forced migration, peace building and the Lose To Win challenge. Woven throughout our lessons you can find references to the lose to win campaign and just click on the ‘fundraising’ tab to find out how you can put theory into practice, and help support Lose to Win.

Each lesson is designed to support individual thinking skills and has a clear leaning objective and outcome. Attached to each lesson is a resource pack to help get ideas flowing. The lessons are designed to be flexible: feel free to pick out activities and sequences that suit your class.

Lesson 1: This lesson introduces your class to the plight of child soldiers. Students will work together to learn what the term ‘child soldier’ means, hear a real-life example and understand the role of the international community. Students will empathise with child soldiers through role-play, allowing for creativity and collaboration.

Download Lesson 1

Lesson 2: This lesson introduces your class to the concept of forced migration. Students will experience the emotional impact of being forced to migrate from a community and also of a community who have lost an important member. Students will be given African case studies to look at and have the chance to teach the rest of the class about examples of forced migration across Africa.

Download Lesson 2

Lesson 3: This lesson is designed to introduce your class to the life and work of Emmanuel Jal. Students will be able to watch Jal’s engaging TED talk and analyse the importance of education for sustainable development. To further support this lesson we recommend Jal’s book and documentary ‘War Child’, which you can get through www.warchildmovie.com on Amazon.com or at selected bookstores

Download Lesson 3

Lesson 4: Students will learn about the Lose to Win campaign and work together to develop an action plan for getting involved and raising funds for our three partner charities.

Download Lesson 4

To book Emmanuel Jal and become a part of his We Want Peace Educational Tour contact:

Email: mngmnt@emmanueljal.com